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The chocolate powder is super fine and mixes very well a couple shakes in a shaker cup and your good to drink, whereas the peanut butter powder is stickier and clumps. Etienne on 07/12/2015 Delicious. They texture is a lot grainier and doesn't mix in as well. The price is unbeatable for pristine quality like this. Quang-Hoa on 30/11/2015 Good overall, but not as good as other flavours. Less sweet than before, which is good! This whey protein concentrate works in the same way as various other protein supplements currently on the market, albeit in a slightly better way. You could clearly notice the difference in quality and lack of chemicals in this pure protein and is the best I've tried so far hands down. No problems with mixing. So you get to feel 100% good about what you are drinking.

The group that had the whey protein shake for breakfast had lost more weight, reported less hunger and had lower post-meal blood sugar spikes compared to the groups that ate the other foods. The lead researcher of the study, Daniela Jakubowicz, MD, added that the whey protein significantly lowered ghrelin the hunger hormone. He went on to say that a high-calorie protein breakfast, medium-sized lunch and a small supper is a proven strategy for weight control, cravings and blood sugar concerns. The protein source and quality is important, said Jabubowicz. When looking to reduce hunger and support healthy blood sugar levels, a whey protein breakfast significantly out-performs other protein sources and breakfast choices. Humans are well-equipped to digest whey protein, as mothers milk has four times the amount of whey compared to cows milk. Whey protein comes from cows milk, and is the natural by-product of making cheese. When the milk curdles, the whey literally drips off the curds, thus the famous nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet, eating her curds and whey. It is important that the whey protein is organic concentrate free of additives, rather than an isolate. At LifeSpa, we have sourced a non-processed, undenatured whey protein powder from hormone- and chemical-free New Zealand cows.

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Beating the protein and milk together in a glass wig a spoon won't work. It must be said though that the addition of xantum gum may alter its clean pure taste. First time it tasted great, but I think this time around they sent me the unflavoured instead, even though it says vanilla on the bag. The main issue with whey protein concentrates however, is that they only provide around 80% protein per serving, leaving the remaining 20% consisting of fats and carbohydrates. Patrick on 27/02/2015 this protein is the best bang for your buck, and i can attest to the quality and amount of protein present. I was searching for a product that was both a concentrate not overly processed Isolate and from grass fed cows. Carl on 02/09/2014 This whey is awesome quality. Most American cows are kept in CFO's and fed pesticide ridden corn. The site was recommended to me by a number of people, including my trainer. Also it is grass fed source and therefore away from hormones and other additives.

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